Catching Up with you : CaffeInk going forward

The CaffeInk team has been active non stop since our last post but we didn’t have the time to feed our social networks or our website (sorry!). We hope this post will help you following up our latest discoveries and progresses.

We are very proud to stay focused on our goal and work continuously on the best technic to extract melanoidins (coffee pigments) from spent coffee grounds. We are also overwhelmed by the success of this idea when we talk about it around us: you always show your deep interest in that new sustainable ink and possibly pigments. Thank you!

We would like to thank all our partners along the years, helping us with the scientific part, supporting us financially and cheering us up when we doubted.

Among those supporters, student scientific teams have been key in our progress: Wageningen students have been followed by The Hague University students and Delft University graduates. Their different studies have conducted us to narrow our research on specific methods that we tested these last months (February-May 2017) with the support of the Physique Chimie Avenir team from the Ecole supérieure de physique et de chimie industrielles de la ville de Paris (ESPCI Paris).  We have now more than 200pages of report from all our partners and we work on every detail of these experiments to make the best out of it and prepare the next lab work we will undertake.

This last study confirmed some aspects of our research and helped us orient our next steps. We are now are reaching a crucial moment: we need pure melanoidin extract to calculate precise yields of the last method we tested. We would be very grateful if you could contact us if you have any tips or contact.

Stay tuned for the next news, we will try to update you as soon as possible.


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