Make your daily start more sustainable


Everyday, millions of cups of coffee are drunk.

Together, all humans are producing coffee waste that is equal in weight to 3 Eiffel towers every day.

In a response to this waste stream, our team is developing a method to create pigments out of this coffee waste.

If all global coffee waste were to be processed into pigment, it would provide 50% of the global pigment market!


Because sending an email can emit as much CO2 as sending 15 paper mail.

Because recycled paper exists as well as eco-friendly colored ink.


We propose an eco-friendly dark pigment, to be used as printing ink.

The Team

CaffeInk is proud to work with Spaak Circular Solutions on the development of a joint biorefinery to tackle coffee grounds’ waste !

Evaluna Marquez Salazar

Evaluna has a technical background in Chemistry with a strong interest in the biobased economy. During her studies she worked on several sustainability-related projects where she conducted techno-economic feasibility studies, product development and environmental analyses. Her analytical thinking and experience in the laboratory lead her to oversee the development of our technology. To Evaluna CaffeInk is much more than developing a great idea. It is about becoming pioneers on waste valorisation and demonstrating that nowadays waste equals money.

Julia Tasse

Julia is passionate about sustainability and she brings her environmental sciences and policies expertise to the team. After a double Master on these topics, she specialized in project management, public speaking, event organisation and moderation, through her career in non-profit organizations and start-ups. Her background in communication and marketing has led her to take care of the communication of CaffeInk, along with the environmental impacts and footprint of the chemical technics developed by Evaluna.

Eline Leising

As an Industrial Ecologist, Eline knows how to think in systems. This focus on the overview allows her to manage the overall process within the team. She has done this before in realising a development project in Surinam and in several other projects she managed within another start-up and as a consultant circular economy and waste management at Rebel, the Netherlands. Eline likes to drink coffee and she would like to contribute to a more sustainable world where food waste is reduced and reused again. These two interests combined are exactly the reasons why Eline joined the team.


Developed in the Netherlands, CaffeInk is aimed at the European market.

Partnership with central coffee makers and ink industry players allows CaffeInk to stay innovative and to continue to improve the technique and the performance of its ink.


Coffee is largely consumed in Europe. We add value to this waste by collecting it (through a bike-based system), extracting dark pigment and selling it to ink producing companies.